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Photos: Final year RSUST student disappears after leaving a suicide post saying she will kill herself and her body should be fed to one lecturer

Photos: Final year RSUST student disappears after leaving a suicide post saying she will kill herself and her body should be fed to one lecturer

A final year student of the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Kpagane Desire, has been declared missing after she posted a suicide note online.   Before Desire disappeared on Wednesday, June 26, she posted on Facebook that she was going to kill herself and her ‘flesh’ should be fed to a lecturer at the University identified as Dr. Paul Nadure.  

Photos: Final year RSUST student disappears after leaving a suicide post saying she will kill herself and her body should be fed to one lecturer

  According to her cousin, she dropped her phone at home and disappeared. She hasn’t been heard from ever since.  

Photos: Final year RSUST student disappears after leaving a suicide post saying she will kill herself and her body should be fed to one lecturer
Photos: Final year RSUST student disappears after leaving a suicide post saying she will kill herself and her body should be fed to one lecturer
Photos: Final year RSUST student disappears after leaving a suicide post saying she will kill herself and her body should be fed to one lecturer

by Linda Ikeji at 28/06/2019 11:29 PM|25 Comments

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Emmanuel Kachi about 1 day ago

Sucide is not the best. God please protect your children from harm and evil. I pray she’s still alive. #kachiLike this! 7Dislike this! 0Reply

Juliet Iwuno about 1 day ago

Hian! Mum Jay take note!Like this! 2Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 1 day ago

So u sabi write better thingLike this! 9Dislike this! 1Reply

Vincent Da Hot Genius about 1 day ago

Suicide is never the answer and only retards or unhinged peeps get themselves involved in such an incidenceLike this! 2Dislike this! 15Reply

Iyanuoluwa about 1 day ago

Wow! She should be found o The lecturer mentioned is another rapist or molester in disguise who needs to be questioned.Like this! 8Dislike this! 0Reply

Heritage about 1 day ago

All these children can give us parents trouble and heartache. Imagine the state her parents especially her mother would be in now. Baby girl just come back home and forget good grades we are not interested in the that ur safety is Paramount. I pray she is safe wherever she is, Lord have mercy.Like this! 8Dislike this! 1Reply

alli merry about 1 day ago

not againLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 22 hours ago

Nigerian police. Am u guys pick up the said lecturer already,,?? I bet he has been frustrating this innocent child for her to think of suicide …. why is Nigeria so disorganizedLike this! 1Dislike this! 0Reply

Aify about 1 day ago

Probably a rape victim.May God help the family locate her.AmenLike this! 5Dislike this! 1Reply

Anonymous about 1 day ago

Hmmm! TWO UNIBEN STUDENTS EVEN ATTEMPTED SUICIDE THIS NIGHT… I pray they survive. Shit ain’t funny anymoreLike this! 3Dislike this! 0Reply

Deeboi about 1 day ago

Probably another rape victim that no one will listen to ooooooo cos of the gutter brain in the society dis days… deeLike this! 9Dislike this! 1Reply

emmanuel ohio about 1 day ago

The way lecturers torment students eh…..Like this! 5Dislike this! 1Reply

David Chuks about 1 day ago

RSUST is way high on that, a lot of d Lecturers feel like Demi-God’s, dey treat student like trash, if not dat our culture says respect d dead, i witnessed what dat Late Prof Amadi dat was allegedly killed by armed robbers did to a student.Like this! 3Dislike this! 0Reply

concerned citizen about 1 day ago

saw this on her facebook page ATTENTION! Thank you all for your earnest prayer. She came back in peace. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again for your prayers. For the snitches that are here to monitor comments to send to the lecturer, this is my message. When God places you in any position above someone, don’t take it as an opportunity to oppress others. Stones thrown up always come down and chances are the stones will land on you. Lecturers come to class and address students as if they were some piece of shit, as if human beings are not their parents simply because you feel you own your students future. RSU as an institution, it is high time you talked to your lecturers to act human. Some really try, while others………The other day my roommates were discussing how a lecturer came to class and said “some of you deserve to be in the grave.” Well my sister is back. For one thing she is not going to do anyone the honor to rejoice over her fall. They will live to see her grow. To the fake friends who were hanging around to see her found corpse, sorry dear for the bad news. Once again, thank you all for your love, care and concern. Depression is real, and people are going through hell. try not to be an additional pain in someone else’s life. Signed: Her sister.Like this! 53Dislike this! 0Reply

Offor Stella about 1 day ago

May be the lecturer molested her and she couldn’t bear it or speak out. I pray she’s found Hale and hearty amen.Like this! 7Dislike this! 1Reply

Anonymous about 1 day ago

Maybe he gave her condition to pass his course. Its a common thing. 99.9 percent of the entire country is rotten, yet we blame our government alone. University is corrupt, police force is nothing to write home about, tradinal rullers are abusing our young gals.Like this! 5Dislike this! 0Reply

Odika Andrew about 1 day ago

@ Juliet Iwuno, i don’t understand you and Mum Jay take note… What’s she taking note now? Everytime Mum Jay take note! R u sick?Like this! 4Dislike this! 0Reply

Bibi about 1 day ago

Help me ask her o. It’s getting irritating.Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

chukwuebuka Anthony about 1 day ago

Odika @juliet is looking for giveaway,so datz y mum Jay take note is attached to her commentsLike this! 3Dislike this! 0Reply

Gentlemara about 1 day ago

Thank God she is foundLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 1 day ago

Dr Paul Nadube what is between you and Kpagane Desire. Did you wanted to chop her. or you have actually chopped Speak up sir as she has mentioned your name in her disappearance.Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

K.D about 1 day ago

Thank God she has been found.Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Ben Bay about 1 day ago

maybe the lecturer had lonq been her nemesis, forever pesterinq her for what?! sex?!Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 1 day ago

After the lecturers name has been besmirched all over social media and his character defamed, you’re here talking nonsense. I’ll have her arrested and those involved. Who tell her make she no readLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Annasp about 23 hours ago

That is my useless wicked and heartless former lecturer , HE FAILED ME YEAR 2, 3 and final YEAR PAUL NADUBE YOU WILL DIE UNTIMELY USELESS MANLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

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