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Regina Asika flaunts her banging body as she locks lips with her husband Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Williams in the pool (Photos)

Regina Asika flaunts her banging body as she locks lips with her husband Rudolph

Former Nollywood actress and ex-beauty queen,  Regina Askia Williams took to Instagram flaunt her banging body while posing in a sexy swimsuit. 

In another photo she posted, the mother of three was pictured locking lips with her husband, Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Williams in the pool. 

See full photos below.

Regina Asika flaunts her banging body as she locks lips with her husband Rudolph
Regina Asika flaunts her banging body as she locks lips with her husband Rudolph
Regina Asika flaunts her banging body as she locks lips with her husband Rudolph
Regina Asika flaunts her banging body as she locks lips with her husband Rudolph

by Linda Ikeji at 30/06/2019 8:02 AM|29 Comments

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Comments (29)


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Emmanuel Kachi about 15 hours ago

Lovely. #kachiLike this! 7Dislike this! -5Reply

Cheryl (From Glory to Glory) about 13 hours ago

Ageless beauty… I pray I’m this good when I’m above 50Like this! 15Dislike this! 0Reply

Joseph John about 12 hours ago

Which one is banging body again . These your funny headlinesLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

alli merry about 12 hours ago

beautifulLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Vivian Reginalds about 10 hours ago

CuteLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Juliet Iwuno about 15 hours ago

Beautiful woman! Mum Jay take note!Like this! 11Dislike this! 0Reply

Frequency Unlimited about 12 hours ago

Very nice bodyLike this! 9Dislike this! 0Reply

Queeneth c about 15 hours ago

Beautiful womanLike this! 8Dislike this! 0Reply

Pee about 15 hours ago

Sweet mamaLike this! 4Dislike this! 3Reply

Annonymous about 15 hours ago

StunningLike this! 5Dislike this! 0Reply

Lo about 14 hours ago

NiceLike this! 2Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 14 hours ago

A beauty Queen is always a beauty Queen. Toke Makinwa see ur life.Like this! 8Dislike this! 1Reply

Martins Obagol about 14 hours ago

She looks happy. Congrats to herLike this! 4Dislike this! 0Reply

kpangolo about 14 hours ago

wow ..still lovely..she has weathered the storm and still with her husband for long time …i guess she’s of the old school of thought that try to make things work ..Like this! 7Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 13 hours ago

Beautiful woman, appreciating her natural body,no plastic surgeries, unlike our fake celebrities here, like even the ones I never imagined have all got jobs done alreadyLike this! 8Dislike this! 0Reply

Laviv about 13 hours ago

She is indeed beautifulLike this! 6Dislike this! 0Reply

TYNII about 12 hours ago

Yes “indeed”Like this! 1Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 12 hours ago

This is natural beauty not all these fake ass, body and changed complexion everywhere.Like this! 3Dislike this! 0Reply

Moxie about 12 hours ago

This babe is so beautiful Lovely family #say no to depression#Like this! 6Dislike this! 0Reply

Tuskay about 12 hours ago

Long time no seeLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Deeboi about 11 hours ago

Enjoy… deeLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

King Souloman about 11 hours ago

Happy 4 tynii n kachi positivity on dis ,so u guys can be human ? Regina reminds me of good wine, d older it gets d better it becomes n wen mixed wit true love it flourishes.Like this! 1Dislike this! 0Reply

Ebere Eneh about 11 hours ago

Lovely coupleLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 9 hours ago

Why are you showing only the back of this hunk Williams?Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Offor Stella about 8 hours ago

Ageless beautyLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 8 hours ago

Beautiful woman, but got married to a thug.Like this! 0Dislike this! 2Reply

Anonymous about 5 hours ago

Happily married with beautiful children to a thug that last years? People need to think before writing stuffs.Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

dannyboboh about 7 hours ago

niceLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Ben Bay about 6 hours ago

qood for herLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply
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