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Nigerian man cries out after cheating on his fiancee with her best friend


In the now-viral video, the popular Texas preacher was heard speaking in the tongue as he eats the woman out while she, in turn, moan out loudly.

A Nigerian man has been eaten up by guilt after cheating on his beautiful fiancee whom he referred to as a ‘pure soul’, with her best friend.

Narrating his story, he claimed to have been seduced by his fiancees best friend who came to squat with them, and he ended up having sex with her a couple of times before she left.

He wrote;

“I’ve betrayed her trust, I have really hurt her, I wish that I could undo all I’ve done. But it’s too late, and I’m reek of guilt, it’s all over me.

I just cheated on a beautiful lady that has stayed with me through thick and thin for years, a wonderful soul that anyone would dream to have. Cheating might be a common thing, but the moment you cheat on a pure soul, an innocent woman that gives you all, WITH HER BEST FRIEND, then it’s beyond cheating.

I am charming, good looking working class guy, guys and girls easily comment how good looking I am, my fiancee is so proud of me, and my achievements that she easily shows me off at the slightest opportunity.

She attended the same Uni with her friend, and ever since then, they’ve been a very good friend. They even served at the same place(worked out), to show you how close they her. Now my fiancee works in the southern Nigeria, we planned to seal things up next year, and live together here in Abuja.

Her friend came for a job interview here, and my woman advised that she rather stay with me for the period instead of her spending a lot on hotel accommodations since I live alone in a bedroom flat. I obliged, and she came down here, little did I know that things would get messy. Long story cut short, I fell in to her seduction the second night of her staying after some series of events.

We ended up having sex couples of time before she left. I feel terrible now, though she felt nothing, I can’t even flow well with my woman on phone again, guilt is all over me. I don’t know how I will stand her whenever we meet. Of all girls in the world, she’s the least anyone would want to cheat on.
I’m thinking of telling her. Mind you guys, I’m not a weakling, I’ve never been one.

Before I met her some 3 years back, I was on the other end of life. She changed a lot for good for me, and helped stop many bad things, as well as starting several good ones. I don’t know what her reaction would be after telling her. Her friend still communicates with her as if nothing happened. I’m in pain guys. A serious one. I need advice.”

Applications are accepted for the U.S.–ASEAN Visiting Scholar Program which is provided by the U.S. Embassy in Yangon for the academic year 2019-2020.

The study program is available only for Myanmar citizens. Applicants should have relevant degrees or professional experience in the proposed field of study.Advertisements


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Nice opportunity for Myanmar citizens.


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The United States Embassy in Yangon represents the official diplomatic mission of the US government in Myanmar. They provide assistance to American citizens and issues visas to foreign nationals, for the purposes of visiting and immigration.

Application Deadline: November 15, 2019

Brief Description

University or Organization: The United States Embassy in Yangon
Course Level: 
Undergraduate Degree
Education Fund
Access Mode: 
Number of Awards: 
Myanmar citizen
The program can be taken 
in Myanmar


Eligible Countries: Undergraduate Degree opens for only Myanmar citizens.
Acceptable Course or Subjects: The sponsorship will be awarded to study in any Education, Financial Market Integration, Food TechnologyFood safety, Banking governance, Information SciencesJournalismLawPublic Administration, Public/Global Health, Statistics, Trade and Investment, and Trade Facilitation Degree offered by the University.
Admissible Criteria: An applicant must:

  • Candidates must be a Myanmar citizen;
  • Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s Degree or higher;
  • Candidates should have relevant degrees or professional experience in the proposed field of study;
  • Applicants should have little or no previous experience studying or working in the United States;
  • Applicants must be able to take leave from home institution or post.

How to Apply

  • How to apply: To participate, the applicants need to fill out an Application Form and Reference Form and email at RangoonUSECA@state.gov.
  • Supporting Documents: A complete application set includes: Original completed application form, Project statement, Professional résumé/curriculum vitae, Bibliography, A copy of your academic transcripts, three letters of recommendation, letter of invitation.
  • Language Requirement: Holders must be proficient in English (minimum TOEFL 550). Note: You do not need a TOEFL score to apply for this program, but you may be asked to take the TOEFL during the application process;

Benefit: Applicants will receive study funds for pursuing their education which is provided by the United States Embassy in Yangon.

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